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I would like to create awareness and raise funds for extensive vet bills! My puppy, Indy, arrived to me seemingly healthy.

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Within three days everything took a turn for the worst. She was infected giardia and coccidia treatment Parvovirus, Kennel Cough, Pneumon She was just too small and too young to fight all of the diseases working against her giardia and coccidia treatment body.

How Your Pet Is Exposed To Giardia

She was a wonderful dog. She was sweet, loving and beautiful.

giardia and coccidia treatment

She loved chasing dandelions and chasing anyone who would run away from her but her favorite was to cuddle up in someones arms and rest her little head.

She was an Australian Shepard mixed with yellow lab.

She had bright green eyes and a beautiful yellow coat. It is heart breaking that such a perfect little girl was taken away too soon and didn't get a chance to enjoy a long happy life. I tried to save her, I brought her to the animal hospital to receive aggressive treatment for the parvo. But everyday there was something else weighing down on her recovery. One more ailment discovered.

One more set back. She was checked into the hospital Tuesday, May 27th and passed on Friday, May 30th.

Please help me raise back some of the money that I spent on trying to save that little girls life. Every penny counts and is highly appreciated.

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Thank you so much for your love and support in this trying time. Továbbiak categories.

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